Advocating for the consumer health products industry since 1896

CHP Canada is the industry association that represents the companies that make evidence-based over-the-counter medicines and natural health products. These are the products you can find in medicine cabinets in every Canadian home. From sunscreens and vitamins to pain relievers and allergy medications, people use consumer health products to maintain their health and manage their minor ailments. This is a fundamental part of self-care, which is vital to the health of Canadians and the sustainability of our health care system.

What we do

CHP Canada is the leading advocate for the Canadian consumer health products industry. We have helped shape virtually every piece of legislation, regulation or policy that affects the consumer health products that Canadians rely on to manage their personal health. We work alongside our members, government, and the broader health care sector to enhance the contribution consumer health products make to the sustainability of our healthcare system and the overall health of Canadians.