As a solution-oriented stakeholder in the Canadian healthcare environment, CHP Canada advocates for evidence-based policies that would enhance the contribution that consumer health products make to the health of Canadians and the sustainability of our healthcare system.

Canada lags behind the United States, United Kingdom and Australia by at least six to seven years when it comes to prescription to OTC switches, costing our healthcare system and our economy billions of dollars. Below is an illustration outlining the complex route for Rx-to-OTC switches in Canada. 

Recent CHP Canada Submissions and Testimonies:


  • The following CHP Canada formal submission on the 2016 Self-Care Framework. We continue to work with Health Canada and stakeholders to shape and evolve the regulatory proposal, as such our position continues to be refined.
  • 2016 Self-Care Framework policy proposal
  • News release – CHP Canada Applauds Health Canada’s Regulatory Proposal that Would Support Canadians Who Practice Self-Care