All Canadians benefit from enhanced self-care. It not only leads to better health outcomes for individuals and their families but also directly contributes to a more efficient and sustainable healthcare system.

CHP Canada is dedicated to advancing evidence-based self-care. We envision a future where the essential role Canadians play in their own health is recognized and supported throughout their lives. 

This is a future where we prevent preventable disease and where all Canadians can safely, and confidently care for themselves while also having ready access to health professionals.

This is a future designed to provide people with the broadest possible access to evidence-based health products, services, tools, and information.

As demonstrated by the CHP Canada research found on this page, as well as external sources, self-care can have a positive impact both for Canadians and for their healthcare system.  Research shows that positive impacts can come from a variety of influences including:

  • Improving health literacy;
  • Increasing non-prescription access medications and;
  • Eliminating taxes on non-prescription medications to make treatment more affordable for those without access to a family doctor or a drug plan.

These are just some of the ways that we can build an efficient and long-lasting healthcare system that works better for everyone.

Below you can find some of our research reports on all issues related to consumer health products and self-care:

Other Canadian and International Industry and Consumer Research: