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Getting back on track after a vacation

I’ve been back from my long weekend away, but I’m still in vacation mode. 

I always struggle with getting back into a routine after going on a trip. After four days of staying up later than usual, waking up later than usual, not cooking my own meals, eating more sweets (s’mores!) than usual and drinking every day, going back to real life has been a challenge. 

My sleep cycle is off and my energy is low, so I ended up skipping my morning workout today. I’m not feeling so hot. But I woke up this morning (after hitting snooze and skipping my power walk) and realized that if I don’t get back to my routine, these bad choices will become bad habits. 

So I’m getting out of vacation mode today and getting back to my healthy routine! 

If you took a trip during the long weekend or just indulged too much during your summer vacation, use these tips to get back on track today.

  • Start the day with something warm. Sipping on some hot water with lemon or hot green tea first thing in the morning helps to get your digestion going.
  • Go to bed early. Making healthy choices is much easier when you are well-rested. Get your sleep cycle back on track by going to bed earlier and waking up at your usual time (rather than hitting the snooze button like I did this morning!).
  • Get sweaty. There’s nothing like a good workout to help you get back on track. My mood is so much better when I work-out regularly.
  • Plan and replenish. When I returned home from my trip, my fridge contained squishy cucumbers, condiments and browning lettuce. Plan out some meals, head to the grocery store and restock your fridge with fresh produce and lean protein.
  • Get rid of the guilt. Don’t beat yourself up over making bad choices. Holding on to food guilt will only start a cycle of unhealthy eating. You eat ice cream, you feel guilty, you beat yourself up, you feel like a failure, you decide you aren’t worth it, you eat more ice cream. End the cycle! Eat ice cream, move on, make a better choice next time.
  • Weigh yourself. Odds are, you gained weight during your trip. Seeing the number on the scale may help motivate you to get back on track. Don’t get down on yourself about the number though. It’s normal to gain a few pounds when you travel. Let the number be your motivator to get back to your healthy eating habits.

Good luck getting back on track self-care lovers. You can do it!