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Health & Beauty Conference – Speaker Spotlight: Mr. Steve Roden, CEO of LearnSomething Inc.

In preparation for the joint CHP Canada and CCTFA Health & Beauty Conference taking place
September 17-19, 2014 at the JW Marriott The Rosseau Muskoka Resort & Spa,
we will be providing a weekly Speaker Spotlight.

Each Spotlight will highlight details of one of our conference speakers and provide you with an
outline of who they are and what they will be presenting based on the Conference theme of
The Evolving Retail Landscape in Canada.


Mr. Steve Roden
Chief Executive Officer
LearnSomething Inc., a Xerox Company


Presentation date: Thursday, September 18th
Presentation time: 1:30 – 2:30 pm

About Steve:
Steve Roden has more than two decades of entrepreneurial experience including managing recessions, technology melt-downs and major shifts in customer behavior. During Steve’s tenure at LeanSomething, the company has been recognized by Inc. magazine as one of the fastest growing small businesses in America, and was selected by the State of Florida for the 2012 Governor’s Innovation & Entrepreneurship Award for a company in a major market. Steve has twice been recognized by the Jim Moran Institute for Global Entrepreneurship at Florida State University as entrepreneur of the year.

Prior to joining LearnSomething, Steve spent four years as a partner at Arthur Andersen, managing the company’s world-wide eLearning consulting practice. His earlier professional experience included launching two successful start-up companies: first a successful technology incubation company, which he sold to Rupert Murdoch’s Newscorp; and then Comsell Training, Inc., one of the highest rated learning technology companies for customer satisfaction, which he successfully sold to a publicly traded firm. Steve holds a B.S. and an M.B.A. from Florida State University.

What You Will Hear:
Keynote title: Innovative Technology to Enhance the Customer Retail Experience

Are you making your retail experience personal? There are a number of macro factors driving major structural changes in the retail environment. Although there is a great deal of focus on technology, the real story is the way that tecnology is being used. Technology is most effective where it is used to build the relationship between consumers and channels and brands. In many ways, consumers want the same things they have always wanted – they just want them when they want them, differently – in ways that reflect their lives and sense of self. The real question is, “How will technology transform the relationship between consumers and brands in a global ecosystem?”. How will you make it personal?.

Join us at the
Health & Beauty Conference
September 17-19, 2014
at the
JW Marriott The Rosseau Muskoka Resort & Spa
1050 Paignton House Road – Minett, ON

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