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How to keep your lips healthy this summer

Everything about summer makes us smile – vacation, warm weather, the beach, flip-flops, longer days, bbq’s and outdoor fun. So keep that smile looking great and kiss-ready by following these simple steps all summer long:

  • Keep them covered
    You keep your body covered in sunscreen and protect your head with a hat, but what about your lips – they are constantly exposed to sunshine, wind and dry air. The skin of your lips is very tender and is actually more liable to sun damage and more likely to develop skin cancer than many other spots on your body. Be sure to keep your lips protected by using a lip balm with sunscreen with at least a 30 SPF and applying it whenever you will be exposed to sunlight for more than 20 minutes.
  • Easy on the gloss
    A shimmery and shiny lip gloss may look great, but they also attract more of the sun’s light to your lips, increasing the risk of damage.  Stick to the sunscreen lip balms during the day and keep the glossy lips for those summer nights out!
  • Not just for the ladies
    Ladies are more likely to use lip protection, but men’s lips are at risk as well, so be sure to keep them protected when in the sun. Note to men – ladies don’t like kissing chapped lips either! There are more ‘masculine’ looking lip balms on the market now, so you have no excuse!

Keep smiling, stay healthy and happy summer self-care lovers!

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