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How to stay cool in hot weather

Tis the season of hot and humid weather (not that we’re complaining, because let’s face it, summer is a very short season) and if you don’t have air conditioning at home, trying to get a decent night’s sleep can be quite the challenge, so following are some interesting helpful tips to stay cool during a heat wave:

Silk sheets
The last thing you want on a hot night is a heavy sheet to make you even hotter than you already are, so why not try a lightweight silk sheet. Of course, silk sheets can be expensive, but can you really put a price on a good night’s sleep? Silk is also a breathable fabric and has natural hypo-allergenic properties – not to mention how luxurious it feels on the skin!

Lick your wrist
Well maybe if you were a monkey – it’s their way of bringing down their body temperature. A more practical (and acceptable) way for humans is to run your wrist under cold water for 10 seconds. You can also apply a cold cloth to other hot spots including the back of your neck, knees and feet.

Curry it up
Eating spicy foods can cool you down. Consuming hot curry or chilli increases body perspiration, which then cools your body as it evaporates.

Be a fan of the fan
Everyone knows that hot air rises, so try placing a fan on the floor where the cooler air is and face it upwards. As an added bonus, place a bowl of ice water on a small table in front of the fan so the air blows across it.

Smooth and cool
Applying body lotion everyday will keep your skin smooth and soft, but if you keep your lotion in the fridge during hot weather, it will feel refreshingly cool after a shower or just before bed.

Other food tips
Since water keeps your body cool and hydrated, try including fruit with high water content (like watermelon and pineapple) to cool you down, in addition to drinking water. Also, eating large meals can increase body temperature, so trying eating smaller meals throughout the day.

Stay cool self-care lovers and have a healthy and happy summer!

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