Marketing Teams “Jump the Fence” at Strategic Marketing Day

What does a game of Rock, Paper, Scissors have to do with marketing?

Google Canada’s Nancy McConnell used the game as a ‘bold idea’ to get fifty attendees up on their feet before her presentation during Strategic Marketing Day on November 8th.

Other presenters included Deloitte’s Jennifer Lee, Jani Yates from Ad Standards, Erin Kelly of Advanced Symbolics and Chris Phyland from Buchanan Group.

In his opening keynote, broadcaster, writer and award-winning adman, Terry O’Reilly, encouraged the audience to “Jump the Fence” by using counterintuitive thinking, embracing creative constraint, and creating a culture that celebrates bold ideas.

During her opening remarks, CHP Canada President Karen Proud remarked on the importance of creating learning and networking opportunities for the marketing professionals of member companies. Another bold idea and one which we will be offering to marketing teams in the coming months.

A special thanks to everyone who came to Strategic Marketing Day, and congratulations to Pendopharm’s Julia Keshen who won a copy of Terry O’Reilly’s book “This I Know”, for becoming CHP Canada’s first ever Rock, Paper, Scissors Champion!