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Meet our Associate Member Spotlight for August: Buchanan Group

The Associate Member Spotlight is an exclusive opportunity to share your company story by showing what your company brings to the consumer health products industry.

Each month, the Associate Member Spotlight will promote your company on multiple platforms, outlining the fantastic services and products you provide.

This month’s Spotlight is Buchanan Group for their continued contributions and involvement with CHP Canada and the consumer health products industry.

1. Describe your business, your clients and the products/services you provide.

Buchanan Group is a WPP-owned advertising agency that specializes in endorsement content, to drive awareness and sales for leading CPG/OTC brands, globally. We are best known for our Brand Power and Medifacts platforms, which have been utilized by top CPG/OTC firms in Canada to communicate functional benefits to consumers in a straightforward and compelling manner, ultimately leading to a spike in trial and sales. In addition, Buchanan provides brands with the opportunity to leverage the voice of the consumer via its global Home Tester Club community.

2. Describe how your business benefits the OTC/self-care market.

Our Medifacts platform is a trusted shopping tool for consumers that has been highlighting OTC/self-care product benefits for over 10 years in the Canadian market. Our third-party approach to advertising enables creative agencies and brand teams to focus on building their brand equity, while we deliver the hard-hitting benefits through no-nonsense advertising to drive consumers in-store. We offer a win-win solution to both marketers and consumers.

3. What innovative new products/services are you working on?

Our Home Tester Club platform is the fastest growing part of our business, enabling brands to hyper-target consumers to trial their product whilst generating insights, ratings & reviews, digital content, and more. This online community is a unique one-stop shop for eComm outputs and provides a wholistic solution to digital content needs.

4. Tell us about your people. What sets them apart from your competition?

Although Buchanan’s client list and global footprint may indicate that we’re a large organization, we actually have a fairly lean and efficient team with excellent communication skills, enabling us to provide clients with superior client service and quick turnaround times, while continuing to generate the expected high quality of outputs. With unique backgrounds, both culturally and professionally, our team is built for collaborative success.

5. Describe your mission and vision, and why your company makes a great business partner.

At Buchanan, we believe that a brand doesn’t just need its own voice, but to be truly heard, it needs the voice of others. Our mission is to empower the consumer voice to be heard to its fullest extent, and everyday we work towards making this a reality. We envision a world where brands fully embrace consumer opinion and engage in meaningful dialogue to push their brands to new heights. Buchanan is globally recognized as the consumer-first ad agency. 

For more information, contact Matthew Fitzgerald, Chief Growth Officer & General Manager at Buchanan Group.

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