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Meet Our Associate Member Spotlight for November: Ravenshoe Group

This month’s Spotlight is Ravenshoe Group for their continued contributions and involvement with CHP Canada and the consumer health products industry.

1. Describe your business, your clients and the products/services you provide.

Ravenshoe Group provides a wide range of contract packaging and marketing services for healthcare and pharma brands. Ravenshoe Group and Gibson Printing, our Print Production entity together offer start to finish marketing services including concept to end user production and management. Our full range expertise in Marketing, Design, Display, Packaging, Photography, Production and Distribution spans over 22 years and in the printing industry, over 100 years.

We design, pack, and deliver healthcare and pharmaceutical products efficiently, effectively, and within compliant guidelines and regulations and we have helped brands like Advil®, Centrum® & Chapstick® stay on top with complete in-house services:

  • Packaging Design and Engineering
  • Retail Display Design and Engineering
  • Materials Planning & Procurement
  • Diecutting
  • Blister Packaging
  • Banding / Shrink-Wrapping
  • Repackaging
  • Quality Assurance
  • Order Fulfillment, Shipping Coordination and Distribution

2. Describe how your business benefits the OTC/self-care market.

22+ Years of Experience
We have helped all sizes of pharmaceutical companies with promotional retail distribution… names like Pfizer Consumer Healthcare, Ferring Pharmaceuticals and Medexus Inc. That means, with Ravenshoe Group you get an experienced team that knows the Rx and OTC/self-care market.

We do our homework. We initially dive into each project and learn all there is to know about the product, the potential market and the end-users. We examine the product from the Healthcare Professionals’ view as well as the consumer’s perspective. We offer pharmaceutical expertise and experience with Health Canada, NNHPD, and GMP Guidelines with all required licensing. We are immersed in the industry and keep up on new Federal, Provincial and International developments and initiatives. Our facilities are well organized, clean and a well-trained staff ensures an efficient operation.

Ravenshoe Group’s retail performance is such that no client has ever been fined for an in-store promotion being late or non-compliant.

We Minimize the Supply Chain and Accelerate Speed-to-Market While Controlling Costs
With complete in-house services like packaging and display design, on-demand printing, co-packing/assembly and distribution, our customers benefit from improved performance on business-critical operations.

Quality Assurance
Ravenshoe plans and conducts all of its operations with guidelines that deliver results of the highest quality. We are fully licenced by Health Canada and all manufacturing is in compliance with Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP).


  • All processes are controlled by SOP and IBIS Warehouse Management System (WMS)
  • Barcode scanning eliminates human data-entry errors
  • Product is automatically rotated to ensure the first to expire is shipped first (FEFO) and that product with an insufficient shelf-life does not leave the facility
  • Real-time tracking and 24/7 availability of inventory and shipping reports
  • Optimal inventory investment levels and maximum return on assets
  • All lot numbers and expiry dates are tracked

3. What innovative new products/services are you working on?

Future markets demand unique, but cost effective, time efficient, quality production and effective project management. We have continuously introduced progressive processes and anticipated controlled growth and expansion. Never being satisfied with the status quo is a solid place to be. You have to be fluid and responsive to meet the ever-changing demands of our clients, their customers and consumers.

4. Tell us about your people. What sets them apart from your competition?

Our unique Board of Directors is comprised of three women and three men; three experienced directors to help the company from repeating any mistakes of the past, and three younger dynamic directors to successfully lead the company into the future.

This balanced business model is reflected in our choice of personnel as well. With the same blend of age, experience, genders, cultures, backgrounds and insights to effectively address our clients’ target markets, we are able to provide a full complement of experience, vision, opinion, expertise, perspective, interest and knowledge in several industries and disciplines. Our original choice to only hire “People-People” has been part of our success story. These are the vibrant and inquisitive minds that can tackle challenging projects and offer innovative thinking and enthusiasm. We start at the end user and their mindset and work backwards. What we create has to be everything to that buyer.

5. Describe your mission and vision, and why your company makes a great business partner.

Our mission to our clients is to stay agile and cost effective while maintaining the highest-level of quality and safety for their consumers. We stay true to our mission with a relentless pursuit towards automation and streamlining internal processes.

Our mission to our community is be aware and thankful for the success we have had and to give back to the community through multiple initiatives each year including: the Markham/Stouffville Hospital Life Savings Gift Program, Hampers for Hope, local Toy Drives, and the Warm Coats Program.

We have grown by being what our clients need. We strive to be all we can be to support them and by that we mean, if they are struggling with limited resources and staff, we kick in. We become their right hand, their archive, their knowledge base and their delivery system. We want to be their Go To for all their needs. Our purpose is to be there for them, no matter what that entails, to offer flexibility and proactivity in supporting them.

Our Core Values

Only honest, transparent communication, which revolve around being open-minded and respectful to everyone’s opinions and ideas.

Innovation & Originality:
Commitment to continually challenging our creative limits to provide our clients with the most optimal solutions for their business and brands.

Inspired through constant personal development and learning about the latest and best practices of the contract packaging industry, and sharing that information with our clients.

“People” People:
A diverse group of individuals with multiple interests and expertise who enjoy what we do and have fun while we do it. We take great pride in our relationships with our customers and gain immense satisfaction when we both succeed.

For more information, contact Mike Robertson, Vice President, Sales at Ravenshoe Group.

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