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Meet our Associate Member Spotlight for September: GSW – a Syneos Health Company

This month’s Spotlight is GSW – a Syneos Health Company for their continued contributions and involvement with CHP Canada and the consumer health products industry.

1. Describe your business, your clients and the products/services you provide.

GSW, a Syneos Health company, is a full-service healthcare communications agency that goes beyond advertising to create personalized brand experiences that involve, inspire, educate and activate people through ongoing brand journeys. Building partnerships with pharmaceutical, biotech and health-and-wellness clients in 18 major markets around the world, GSW creates marketing solutions through a comprehensive and wide array of services. This includes discovery and insight mining, strategic and tactical planning, branding and creative development, multichannel communication development, activation and analytics, as well as training and facilitation.

2. Describe how your business benefits the OTC/self-care market.

Healthcare and humans have been missing each other for years. GSW benefits the OTC/self-care market by helping brands “Speak People.” This requires:

  • The behavioural science expertise to embrace imperfections and strive to understand what makes people tick, whichever side of the stethoscope they’re on
  • The medical expertise to understand complex data and distill it down to insights that really matter
  • The creativity to transform this into stories and experiences that are relatable and resonant

We recognize that many OTC or self-care treatment options get glossed over by healthcare professionals all the time. We dig into why this happens on a category by category basis. More importantly, we have a proven track record of making these products matter, bringing them to the forefront of the HCP-patient conversation.

3. What innovative new products/services are you working on?

To further support client needs and to stay ahead of a rapidly evolving marketplace, GSW continues to invest heavily in technology, campaign analytics, predictive modeling and innovation consulting, thought by many to be the next frontiers in health communications.

GSW has also been aggressive in bringing predictive analytics to healthcare marketing. Together with clients, Syneos Health and GSW are taking a holistic view of entire marketing ecosystems by combining client data with proprietary Syneos Health data. In the first year of the partnership predictive models have been deployed, or are in the progress of being built, for multiple top 10 global pharma companies.

4. Tell us about your people. What sets them apart from your competition?

GSW prides itself on having the best talent in the industry. What sets us apart is an attitude that Greatness Starts Within; a belief that attitudinal performance and accountability should be recognized, rewarded, cultivated and embedded in our culture.

Greatness is forged by those who dare to do more, do things differently, and challenge the status quo. It lives within all of us. But greatness has a great enemy. Complacency. At GSW we believe hungry is good, flexibility is key, and we are much more than an ad agency.

5. Describe your mission and vision, and why your company makes a great business partner.

GSW is the communications leader in building human connections. GSW turns insights into brand experiences that transform people into success stories.

We do this with our diverse team of problem solvers; some of the best and brightest (and friendliest) marketers in the country, backed by a global network steeped in clinical and commercial experience and expertise.

We strive to be an extension of our clients’ marketing teams, not merely a vendor. The bottom line is, we deliver. 

For more information, contact Jonathan Cogan, Vice President, Consumer Health at GSW.

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