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Meet our Associate Member Spotlight for September: Larimar Strategies

This month’s Spotlight is Larimar Strategies for their continued contributions and involvement with CHP Canada and the consumer health products industry.

1. Describe your business, your clients and the products/services you provide.

STRATEGIC PLANNING MATTERS! If we could shout that from the rooftops, we would. A well thought through business strategy, where all employees are engaged and invested, allows organizations to establish clarity of purpose and creates an environment that supports its vision and mission – which should always inform every decision your organization makes. Truly effective strategic planning helps every member of your team see how their work contributes to the organization’s goals and its core aspiration. Good strategic plans should inspire teams!  Organizations that invest in an effective strategic planning process perform better and have more enthusiastic and spirited morale. That’s what Larimar does. We deliver workshops, conduct interviews, and facilitate sessions, all with the goal of developing inspiring business strategies that can be planned out, monitored and used as your organization’s north star pointing the way to your long-term success.

2. Describe how your business benefits the OTC/self-care market.

OTC and self-care related businesses are no different than any other business. Both have organizational goals and objectives. They need to hit targets, communicate with their clients and stakeholders, and they need to engage and inspire their teams and leaders. Our business strategies and plans help do that. We work with a wide range of industries who seek our expertise to help them realize their full potential. We love working with private sector industries, industry associations and not-for-profits. We also work with government, however in our experience, private sector strategies progress far more quickly and far more impactful… and quite frankly are a lot more fun!

3. What innovative new products/services are you working on?

We are always looking for new ways to engage our clients in strategy development. Offsite workshops in rooms filled with post-it-note ideas and whiteboard diagrams is typically the way we roll. Always hands on and interactive, and always working directly with people face-to-face. We use technology to make things as efficient as they can be, but what was old is new again – good old-fashioned FACE-TO-FACE teamwork, inspiring and innovating together is the way we work!

4. Tell us about your people. What sets them apart from your competition?

We are a small firm, boutique-like some may say. That’s just the way we like it. Our team, led by Natalia Popowych and Jennifer Bohan, have been working together for over 15 years. We know how we think, we often finish each other’s sentences and we’re uber-efficient at what we do. Trust and integrity are the foundation of everything we do with our clients. We’re in this business for the long haul. Building long term relationships with our clients, some of whom we’ve been working with for almost 20 years. Now that is what truly sets us apart. We connect and are very serious about investing in our client’s success!

5. Describe your mission and vision, and why your company makes a great business partner.

Our vision is to see all businesses regularly develop and renew strategies that are inspiring, real and contribute to organizational success.

Our mission is to do as many workshops, facilitate as many sessions, and meet and talk to as many people as possible to demystify the strategy development process and help businesses realize how great, inspiring and real strategies are accessible, doable and vital to organizational success.

For more information, contact Natalia Popowych, President of Larimar Strategies.

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