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Meet our Associate Member Spotlight for July: Gowlings

The “Associate Member Spotlight” is a chance for CHP Canada to highlight to Active members and the consumer health products industry the Associate members who have contributed to the achievements of CHP Canada and the success of the consumer health products industry as a whole.

Each month a different Associate member will be put in the “spotlight”. This will include being featured on our website homepage, blog, and e-newsletter, outlining the fantastic services and/or products the Associate member has available to our Active membership.

This month’s “Associate Member Spotlight” goes to Gowlings for their continued contributions and long-standing involvement with CHP Canada and the consumer health products industry. Congratulations Gowlings!

We conducted a short interview with Joel Taller, Partner at Gowlings, which will provide a better understanding of what this great company has to offer:

1. Tell us about Gowlings:

Gowlings is one of Canada’s largest law firms, with over 700 professionals across 10 offices worldwide. Recognized for excellence in business law, advocacy and intellectual property law, we offer dedicated industry expertise in a number of sectors, including regulatory, manufacturing and distribution, government affairs, advertising and marketing, corporate commercial, direct sales, patents and trademarks, transfer pricing and tax, and in areas such as corporate finance and M&A, class actions, commercial litigation, financial services, and transportation and logistics.

2. What are the biggest challenges that you face as one of Canada’s largest law firms?

Gowlings is a large firm with expertise in a number of areas, including several specialty or niche markets. However, because of our strengths in areas such as intellectual property, we are often known by this and less so in specialty areas such as food, drugs, cosmetics and natural health products. We overcome this challenge by working through industry pillars, which allows us to promote our diverse services to clients within a particular industry sector. For example, we have a Food, Natural Health Products and Cosmetics Law newsletter where we provide quarterly updates on legal issues specific to the industry, as well as a Social Media group who focuses on digital marketing, contests and promotional campaigns across the social media sphere.

3. Tell us one thing about Gowlings that the consumer health products industry might not know about you:

Gowlings, as a full service firm, is able to help clients at any stage of product development who are based in Canada or operate globally. Professionals in our firm work in teams to service clients and so are able to seamlessly and proactively work with our clients on their legal strategies that make sense for the company’s business strategy. In the consumer health products industry, we ensure to match the right expertise to the client’s needs. Our team has decades of experience working with Canadian regulatory agencies including Health Canada, Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada, the Canadian Food Inspection Agency and Industry Canada, on issues such as manufacturing and processing, good manufacturing practices, safety or efficacy concerns, quality control issues, requests for recall and clinical trials. Our team, which includes a pharmacologist, also works with our colleagues in other practice areas such as intellectual property and trade to help our clients protect their brands or deal with customs and bringing products to Canada.

4. Tell us how you became involved with CHP Canada:

When beginning my practice in 1985, I was quick to realize that information is vital to a successful practice. As well, it was necessary to network and meet people in the OTC regulatory industry. CHP Canada provided an excellent souce of both, and the educational seminars and published materials, thoughtful analysis and insight into key topics satisfied the need to continually enhance my education. In time, I became an expert in the field sharing my views and eventually allowing me to offer opinions on legal matters to the association. CHP Canada is composed of leaders in the OTC market and through participation in the association, I got to know both those in the industry supplying the OTCs, as well as those advising the industry and along the way, made some lifelong friends.

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