Meet our Associate Member Spotlight for June: Focal Point Research Inc.

The “Associate Member Spotlight” is a chance for CHP Canada to highlight to active members and the consumer health products industry the associate members who have contributed to the achievements of CHP Canada and the success of the consumer health products industry as a whole.

Each month a different associate member will be put in the “spotlight”. This will include being featured on our website homepage, blog, and e-newsletter, outlining the fantastic services and/or products the associate member has available to our active membership.

This month’s “Associate Member Spotlight” goes to Focal Point Research Inc. for their continued contributions and long-standing involvement with CHP Canada and the consumer health products industry.

We conducted a short interview with Jennifer Porter, General Manager of Focal Point Research Inc., which will provide a better understanding of what this great company has to offer:

1. Tell us about Focal Point Research Inc.

Focal Point Research Inc. (FPR) is a leading North American Scientific, Regulatory Affairs and Quality Assurance consulting firm. FPR has the unique ability to assist in many aspects of scientific, regulatory and new product development projects. From early stage development to regulatory approvals, manufacturing and quality assurance, FPR provides comprehensive insight not typically found in a single consulting firm. 

2. What are the biggest challenges you face as a consulting company in Canada?

Hiring the best and brightest talent while maintaining cost-effective services for clients. One way we have achieved this is through the development of proprietary software for reviewing ingredients in products.

3. What are some recent trends that Q&R Canada has witnessed in your industry?

• With drug SPFs, it is becoming increasingly more difficult to meet all required regulations and is extremely expensive for these products to be imported into Canada. 
• With the market being very competitive, industry may try to push the boundaries on allowable marketing claims so that products may be more eye-catching and appealing to consumers.

4. What do you value most about your involvement with CHP Canada?

• Up-to-date news on the consumer health products industry.
• CHP Canada’s evidence-based approach to decision making.
• CHP Canada works closely with both industry and many levels of government to help move policy proposals forward.

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