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Meet our Associate Member Spotlight for October: HealthConnect Inc.

The “Associate Member Spotlight” is a chance for CHP Canada to highlight to Active members and the consumer health products industry the Associate members who have contributed to the achievements of CHP Canada and the success of the consumer health products industry as a whole.

Each month a different Associate member will be put in the “spotlight”. This will include being featured on our website homepage, blog, and e-newsletter, outlining the fantastic services and/or products the Associate member has available to our Active membership.

This month’s “Associate Member Spotlight” goes to HealthConnect Inc. for their continued contributions and long-standing involvement with CHP Canada and the consumer health products industry. Congratulations HealthConnect!

We conducted a short interview with Marcel A. Gervais, President & CEO at HealthConnect, which will provide a better understanding of what this great company has to offer:

1. Tell us about HealthConnect Inc.:

HealthConnect manages consumer and patient care programs on behalf of pharmaceutical, medical device, nutritional and animal health companies. We help our clients care for their customers through a cloud of services that include a multi-access contact centre, as well as fulfillment of educational materials, medical devices and trial offer samples. Our work encompasses patient compliance and adverse event handling. We even manage cheque reimbursement for some clients.

HealthConnect’s goal is to seamlessly connect the health and wellness needs of consumers, patients, caretakers, health care professionals and allied health care practitioners with the information and solutions our clients provide. It’s how we help people engage in their health and wellbeing.

2. What are the biggest challenges you face as a communications company?

Customer service seems like a simple concept, however the regulations governing what we can communicate to a consumer – versus a patient versus a caregiver versus an HCP – create some interesting training and communication complexities… not to mention the added layers of privacy, consent, and AE reporting requirements! HealthConnect has the knowledge and experience to guide our clients through this confusing maze and ensure customer care isn’t overlooked in the process.

3. Tell us one thing about HealthConnect that the consumer health products industry might not know about you:

HealthConnect Fulfillment is fronted by a fully licensed pharmacy (, which allows us to distribute trial offers of Schedule III products and medical devices, in addition to typical fulfillment services. The pharmacy also opens options for atypical solutions, including ecommerce.

4. Tell us how you became involved with CHP Canada:

HealthConnect joined years ago because the company has always believed that groups like CHP Canada help the entire industry provide a better environment for wellness and self-care. Principals Marcel Gervais and Vera Milan Gervais have actively participated in the organization for more than a decade, benefiting from shared knowledge and networking opportunities.  We are, after all, in the customer care business together!

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