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CHP Canada Applauds Global Markets Action Plan

The principles behind the Federal Government’s newly announced Global Markets Action Plan for making Canada competitive in international markets aligns well with Consumer Health Products Canada’s agenda for growth of our Industry.  

“The effort to open up new markets and strengthen our trade advantages in established markets is a step in the right direction,” said CHP Canada’s Acting President Adam Kingsley.  “If coupled with ongoing efforts to improve the regulatory environment and reward research and innovation, this plan would provide new growth opportunities for Canada’s consumer health products sector,” he added.

CHP Canada is actively engaged in the Canada/United States Regulatory Cooperation Council, which seeks to minimize the artificial regulatory barriers that impede trade between the two countries. The Association has also worked closely with Health Canada to remove unnecessary red tape associated with making safe and effective medicines available without a prescription once Health Canada has determined their appropriateness for use in self-care.  Finally, the Association is also working closely with Health Canada and a broad range of stakeholders on the development of a new regulatory regime for over-the-counter medicines which will hopefully lead to the creation of a consistent, risk-based regulatory environment for all consumer health products that protects Canadians and rewards innovation.  Taken together, these measures bolster the competitiveness of Canada’s consumer health products sector and position it well to take full advantage of the new markets opening up to Canadian business under this plan.

Founded in 1896, CHP Canada is the trade association representing the consumer health products industry, including the manufacturers of natural health products (NHPs) and over-the-counter medicines (OTCs).

Click the image below to view the Global Markets Action Plan:

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