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CHP Canada Statement on treating COVID-19 with Famotidine

Famotidine is used to treat heartburn/indigestion by decreasing stomach acid production. While famotidine in combination with an anti-viral drug is under initial study as a potential coronavirus treatment in some New York hospitals, these products have not been demonstrated to treat COVID-19.

Consumer Health Products Canada (CHP Canada) advises Canadians who have questions on the COVID-19 pandemic and on how they can protect themselves from the virus, to rely on health professionals, public health officials, government-run health portals, the Public Health Agency of Canada, and Health Canada-approved product labels for information.

Additionally, CHP Canada underlines that emerging research on treatments for COVID-19, in general, should not be understood as advisories on current treatment. Diversion of these products to unproven and potentially risky uses, particularly during a public health crisis, can reduce their availability to the people who need them for their intended uses.