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Consumer Health Products Canada Says Trade Pact Would Benefit Canadians and Unleash Innovation

February 3, 2016 (Ottawa, ON):  Consumer Health Products Canada (CHP Canada)—the national association that represents the makers of evidence based over-the-counter medicines and natural health products—applauds the Government of Canada for signing the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) Agreement. 

“By embracing the trade pact, our government would be setting the conditions for better alignment with the United States when it comes to providing incentives for innovation in Canada’s growing consumer health products industry,” says Karen Proud, President of CHP Canada.

The consumer health product industry in Canada contributes $5.6 billion in sales annually, employs 56,000 Canadians in skilled jobs and generates $1.5 billion in a growing export market, as per a Conference Board of Canada report.

“Canadian exports of consumer health products have doubled over the last 10 years, in part because of innovation-friendly policies in markets like the U.S.,” says Proud. “Similar approaches in Canada could stimulate the same kind of growth and investment here, and boost the savings it generates for the healthcare system.”

In addition to today’s TPP announcement, CHP Canada has been collaborating with Health Canada to develop a modernized policy and regulatory framework for consumer health products. 

“A successful conclusion to Health Canada’s work on the framework, combined with efforts to align with our trading partners on regulatory measures through the TPP, could increase Canadians’ access to consumer health products ─ like pain relievers, allergy and heartburn medicines ─ that will save our healthcare system money and allow Canada to regain its position as international leader in the consumer health products market,” says Proud. “That’s not just good news for business, it’s good news for the millions of Canadians who use consumer health products every day.” 

Consumer Health Products Canada is the industry association that represents the companies that make evidence-based over-the-counter medicines and natural health products. These are the products you can find in medicine cabinets in every Canadian home. From sunscreens and vitamins to pain relievers and allergy medications, people use consumer health products to maintain their health and manage their minor ailments. This is a fundamental part of self-care which is vital to the health of Canadians, the sustainability of our health care system and the strength of the economy.


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