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International Self-Care Day 2019

July 24, 2019 – Today, we celebrate International Self-Care Day.  This day is a great reminder for each of us as individuals, but also for governments to make self-care a priority.  Self-care is all about the important role you play in your own health.  Whether exercising, brushing your teeth, eating well, applying sunscreen, quitting smoking, or treating fevers and headaches, self-care is what we all do to stay healthy.

Put simply, when you take care of yourself you not only improve your own health, but you support our healthcare system.  Self-care is one of the single greatest things you can do to help prevent chronic disease and to ensure our healthcare system is sustainable for years to come. 

  • If just 2% percent of Canadian patients with mild cold symptoms practiced self-care, an additional 500,000 Canadians could have access to a family doctor.

Celebrate this Self-Care Day by doing something that contributes to your well-being and overall health. Self-care benefits you and everyone around you.

Self-care is recognized by global health authorities, including the World Health Organization, as a holistic approach to healthcare based on Seven Pillars reflecting everything from health awareness and literacy to responsible use of health products and services.  More information on each pillar of self-care can be found at  Share your tips and stories of self-care with #iselfcare across social media!


International Self-Care Day is a worldwide campaign held annually on July 24th (7/24) as a reminder that the benefits of self-care are experienced 24 hours a day, seven days a week. It celebrates the importance of self-care and encourages the public to practice responsible self-care. International Self-Care Day was developed by the International Self-Care Foundation, a UK charity with a global focus.


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