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Wealthier, better-educated Canadians with drug plans clogging doctors’ offices with minor aches and sniffles

Current health system rewards visits to doctor for prescription renewal, penalizes self-care with tax on over-the-counter medicines.

August 18, 2015 (Ottawa, ON) – Having trouble getting in to see your family doc? New survey data released today by Consumer Health Products Canada (CHP Canada) shows that Canadians with drug plans are more likely head to the doctor’s office instead of the drug store, to save a few dollars on their medications. Read More >

Devez-vous vraiment consulter un médecin pour des brûlements d’estomac, le nez qui coule ou un genou éraflé?

 Communiqué de presse

Devez-vous vraiment consulter un médecin pour des brûlements d’estomac, le nez qui coule ou un genou éraflé?  

En avance de la Journée internationale des autosoins (24 juillet), PSC Canada dit aux Canadiens et aux Canadiennes : « Faites-vous confiance! »

(Le 22 juillet 2015 – Ottawa, ON) L’été est la saison des coups de soleil, des allergies, Read More >

Do you really need to head to the doctor for heartburn, a runny nose, or a skinned knee?

In advance of International Self-Care Day (July 24), CHP Canada says most Canadians should “trust their gut.”

(July 22, 2015 – Ottawa, ON) Summer means sunburns, allergies, a case or two of post-barbecue heartburn and minor cuts and scrapes, but the majority of Canadians are not leaving their cottages to seek medical treatment for these and other minor health concerns. Surprisingly, a lot of us still spend hours waiting to see a doctor, Read More >

Bill 75 The Microbead Elimination and Monitoring Act Discussed Today

The Legislative Standing Committee on Finance and Economic Affairs is meeting today at 2:00 pm to consider Bill 75 The Microbead Elimination and Monitoring Act. The Bill is sponsored by Liberal MPP Marie-France Lalonde. See the Bill here.

Read More >

Nothing to Sneeze At: New Poll Shows Majority of Canadians Tough it Out, but Common Cold Still Causing Costly Headaches for the Healthcare System

(February 3, 2015 – Ottawa, ON) – According to a new survey by Consumer Health Products Canada (CHP Canada), 77% of Canadians who recently suffered from cough/cold, headache, allergies or heartburn, said they would rather manage these minor ailments themselves instead of visit a doctor. Seventy-three percent (73%) used over-the counter medications (OTCs) or natural health products (NHPs) consumer health products to manage their conditions. 

Survey results show the choice of self-care over unnecessary doctor visits for minor ailments is growing.  Read More >

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