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CHP Canada Applauds Health Canada’s Regulatory Proposal that would Support Canadians who Practice Self-Care

September 9, 2016 (Ottawa, ON):  Consumer Health Products Canada (CHP Canada) applauds Health Minister Jane Philpott for launching a public consultation on a new approach to regulating over-the-counter medicines (also known as non-prescription drugs), natural health products and cosmetics.

“With this important step, the Government of Canada is recognizing the importance of self-care to Canadians and the healthcare system,” says Karen Proud, President of CHP Canada. “Under the proposed approach, it will be much easier for Canadians to tell which of the products on pharmacy shelves have health claims that are supported by science. This will lead to better-informed choices and will make it much easier for Canadians to practice self-care with confidence.”

Canadians use over-the-counter medicines and natural health products to manage their coughs and colds, headaches, allergies, heartburn, bug bites and pain from chronic illnesses like arthritis. That’s self-care and it’s important to the health of Canadians, and it contributes to the sustainability of our healthcare system by helping them avoid unnecessary doctor visits.

“Canadians use these self-care products every day to manage their minor ailments,” says Proud. “And when they go to a drug store and see products side-by-side, making similar claims, they want to know how those claims are supported. A new approach to regulating all self-care products will take the mystery out of the decisions they make for themselves and their families.”

“We hope Canadians will contribute their comments and ideas on this Framework because it’s about decisions they make every day to manage their health,” says Proud. 

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About Consumer Health Products Canada:

CHP Canada is the industry association that represents the companies that make evidence-based over-the-counter medicines and natural health products. These are the products you can find in medicine cabinets in every Canadian home. From sunscreens and vitamins to pain relievers and allergy medications, people use consumer health products to maintain their health and manage their minor ailments. This is a fundamental part of self-care which is vital to the health of Canadians, the sustainability of our health care system and the strength of the economy.