Surprising Health Facts About Spinach

We all know that Popeye made himself super strong by eating spinach, but you may be surprised to learn that he may also have been helping to protect himself against cardiovascular problems, prevent onset of osteoporosis, coping with high stress levels and cancers at the same time.

Here are some surprising facts about this leafy green:

An excellent source of calcium

By supplying 100mg of calcium in every 100g serving, Read More >

The Health Benefits of Strawberries

There’s nothing better than fresh-picked strawberries and in anticipation of the upcoming strawberry season, following are some of the health benefits you will receive, which can only make them taste even better!

  • Cancer Fighting
    Strawberries contain Vitamin C, Folate, Anthocyanin, Quercetin and Kaempferol (flavonoids in strawberries) that are potent antioxidants in effectively fighting cancer. A daily intake of strawberries has been shown to reduce the growth of cancerous cells. Read More >

7 Reasons to Have More Sex

Marvin Gaye knew what he was saying when singing about ‘Sexual Healing’ – it really is good for you and in case you needed an excuse to have more sex, here are seven healthy reasons to say “Let’s Get It On’:

  1. Reduce Stress
    Your blood pressure will react less to stressful activities (like public speaking) than when not having sex, according to a study conducted at the University of Paisley in Scotland. Read More >

Walking Your Way to Better Health

Walking is great exercise at any pace, but did you know there are other benefits to walking other than the fact that it’s simple and free? Now that the nicer weather is here, there’s no better time to start a new routine and walk your way to better health:

Walking promotes good health

Walking is the key to controlling weight, as well as other ailments such as controlling blood pressure and reducing the risk of stroke, Read More >

Clearing the Air on e-Cigarettes

A recent article in the Globe and Mail asked whether electronic cigarettes could save lives in battle against tobacco smoke.  On the face of it, the issue of  e-cigarette availability in Canada is peppered with tough questions.  Are e-cigarettes another smoking cessation tool or are they just about harm reduction for those who can’t kick the habit?  Is vaporizing and inhaling nicotine with a side of propylene glycol instead burning tobacco and inhaling thousands of toxic and carcinogenic chemicals a great way to reduce the risk of cancer and heart disease or just a dangerous work-around for addicts who miss smoking indoors? Read More >

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