Self Care for the Modern Day Woman

March 8th, 2013 is International Women’s Day!

After more than 100 years, International Women’s Day draws millions to commemorate the advancements made in politics, education, employment, and other areas of daily life.


A common struggle for women today is setting their own needs of self care as a priority.  Women are often great at attending to their children, partners, parents, Read More >

Pharmacists are your friend!

March is Pharmacist Awareness Month (PAM) throughout Canada. This means that all pharmacy associations across Canada (national and provincial) are working together to improve the everyone’s understanding of the expanding role of pharmacists with a theme of “Providing more health care than you know: Ask a pharmacist.”

Most people don’t know that pharmacists are medication experts that are qualified to offer different services beyond just dispensing medications. Asking your local pharmacist about these valuable services can help improve your health at your convienence. Read More >

Raspberry Ketones and Quality Regulation: Self-Care’s Role

A recent post to CHP Canada’s Facebook page asked for our take on raspberry ketones and whether the quality of such products is regulated in Canada.The question reflects one of the many issues we hope to explore with Canadians in this blog.In a nutshell, we are hoping to start a conversation about self-care’s role in the health of Canadians and their health care system.To say that that conversation has many facets is a bit like saying that Justin Bieber has a lot of followers on Twitter.  Read More >

Self-Care Tips for Air Travel

Traveling on a plane can essentially set the tone for your whole trip! Here are some tips to help prevent sickness and discomfort when flying:

Take multi-vitamins

Boost your immune system with a daily multivitamin a couple days before your trip. This will help avoid any germs circulating on the plane.

Prevent Deep-Vein Thrombosis (DVT)

Take an acetylsalicylic acid tablet the day before a long flight, Read More >

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