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Register for MHPD Webinar on the Forthcoming Good Label Package Practices Guide

This week MHPD sent out invites to their webinar on the Draft Good Label and Package Practices Guide that will be held November 13th from 11:00 am to 1:00 pm. This webinar is a follow-up to the Health Canada webinar that was held in September 2013 that CHP Canada and members attended.

The Draft Good Label and Package Practices Guide supports Health Canada’s Plain Language Labelling Initiative. The guide will outline a foundation of design principles for labelling on or affixed to an immediate container of a package and also include packaging across the range of health products for human use, including prescription drugs, biologics, OTCs and NHPs. It should be noted that while NHPs are not captured by the Plain Language Labelling Regulations that will come into force for OTCs in 2017, the guide offers guidance for NHP sponsors as best practices.  

The intent of the webinar is to share information on key factors leading to the development of the guide, the process taken, and an overview of selected draft recommendations for improving label and package design.

CHP Canada will be looking for flexibility in labelling requirements, particularly with respect to font size.

*UPDATE*: MHPD is planning to begin the stakeholder consultation for the Guide in December.

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